Personal diary appearing as a daily newspaper

The author of these pages have made this diary off and on since 1976, altogether some 6000 issues by now. All is written in Swedish language only. In fact it could function as a practical training course for those interested in learning the language. In this instance You ought to have professional guidance as well, like in a class.

You will find that some of the material in the site is in English, though.
A few pages are of a visual character, and thus also suited for non-swedes. This applies to the headline RESOR, with pictures from some trips. Also my collection of lifebouys, under DIVERSE, falls into this category.

Intellectual property

Feel free to copy any pictures for personal pleasure on your own computer. But please respect the copyright, and fruits of other peoples labour and efforts. DO NOT post anything from this site on another website, with either the explicit or suggested statement, that it is your own material. If you still do forward pictures or text, be courageous enough to credit each sample, as to inform viewers of the origins.


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