72 virgins

That's what a muslim commiting suicide will get as a reward, in the screwed hardliners vision of heaven. All right, suicide is considered a cardinal sin in most religions. But, when you kill - or just aim to kill somebody else at the same time, it is not suicide. You will die as a martyr - an honored warrior on the behalf of the holy trinity; Allah, Mohammed and Osama Bin Laden. My ironic interpretation.

So why would these young little horny boys go kill themselves. Horny, that is the key. In dictatorial (and Muslim) countries both alcohol and porn is hard to come by. Alas, the male sex drive won't disappeare that easily (the population explosion in those countries is proof enough, right).

In western countries, young males can get drunk in order to dilute their frustration and energy. They may even ventilate their anger by writing a letter to the editor. If they are lucky, they may even get laid at a Friday or Saturday night. Note - that is a huge MAY. But what the hell, let's try the next weekend again.

For Muslim boys on the other hand, there will be no weekend boose or getting laid. Not this weekend, nor the next. Then again, if you blow yourself to pieces, instant access to no less than 72 girls is guaranteed. Virgins, on top of it!. You will escape boredom, unemployment, dictatorship - and get laid!

I bet my balls on it. That is why they are doing it. Sure they have a hard-on in anticipation, the moment they pull the trigger to that bomb. Nobody have said this before. But I have figured it all out.

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