How to make the UN stronger

Ordinary people aswell as many heads of states, allege that the U.N. do not have the sway and clout that is needed to make the organisation really count. True enough, but why is it so ? Because those very same politicians, and among them all American administrations this far, simply want it to be that way ! They would obviously prefer a hamstrung U.N., to one that may interfere when a superpower is about to, say occupy a foreign nation…

What to do about it.

A. Only free countries with a democratically elected government will be permitted as members. The continued membership is subject to scrutinity after every election.
B. The U.N. will turn democratic itself - the majority is right. No sweat, remember that only democratic nations are in this time. No axis of evil will overturn the U.S.
C. Now comes the hard part. No national armies will be permitted. All military staff and equipment will be exlusively under the U.N. umbrella.

The perks

The U.N. can legally attack, disarm or occupy any nation it wants to. Not by the wim of a single president (did i say Bush), but by the decision of the majority of members. No vetoeing nation such as China or Russia will be able to stop it. The so called rough nations are not members anyway, so the rest of the world can do whatever it likes with them. Surely increasingly more nations wants to become part of that club!


North Korea had since long been disarmed, the same applies to Iran. Darfur in Sudan would be under U.N. control. I bet Rwanda had never experienced any genocide, Irak was occupied in 1991, no Taliban haven in Afghanistan, the situation in Palestine was solved years ago.

You may say that I am simplistic, or a dreamer. Not more than the founding fathers of the existing U.N. The time is ripe to take it a few steps further!