Road rage or road sage

Most nations have a speed limit. Also Germany in fact, even if some portions of highways only have a recommended speed limit (130 km/h). Why is it so hard for the rest of you people out there to respect your fellow humans (and the law?). It is against my nature to complain about anything without presenting a fully feasible solution.

Most vehicles are equipped with GPS today. This will simply be used for surveillance of the actual speed, compared to the limit in each location. It will not be possible to further operate the accelerator if that speed is surpassed. Safe and sound for everyone, not the least because all motorists will drive at an equal pace.

It is impossible you say? We already have this law regarding speed limits in place. What's really new?

Okey, it might make sense to implement it gradually. First as a legal requirement for new cars, and only applying the total maximum speed (as professional vehicles in Sweden already have). A token rebate on road tax and insurance (those companies are definetely eligible to jump on the bandwagon) will make it more palatable for volunteer installation in older cars. After that, the next step is a finetuned model sensible for all local speed restrictions, following that same pattern.

Any takers among all of you cowardly pussies of politicians?

FOOTNOTE. A responsible man will jerk off BEFORE stepping into the car, and thus hampering the urge to step on it.

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