There is a name for it

I am no expert in this field. But I do have noticed the outlandish habit of bapticing American boys after the name of the father. That is the same given name! Like it was a trademark. And in order to differ between those generations, it started with senior and junior. Later on, even the third, and I think that I have seen even the fourth by now..!

Like it was some funny old royal names. European royals maybe? Sometimes weird interpretations of things percieved European turn completely awry! Not all European are of royal descent. Not anyone in Europe, repeat none whatsoever would even think about giving their son the name e.g. George Bush the turd (-no third!).

So what do Swedes call their sons? There is a decidedly contemporary feeling about it. Film stars or dito characters that was popular for the moment, maybe cartoons, or a secret love from the mothers youth (Women are always in charge of deciding the names of Swedish children).

Girls just plainly get their grandmothers or grandgrandmothers name, so there is a cyclical rotation of girls names. Simple and traditional. This is all my own impression of the current state of naming children.

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