Let GM go: gridlock or a new start?

In our car oriented western society, there is an obvious lack of vision when it comes to ideas for making the economy hum again. We have all heard about the cash-for-clunkers programs. There seems to be some version of this in just about every industrial nation these days.

USA has always been reluctant of government interference to the business. Still the common American taxpayers will be forced to a give-away of up to $ 4,500 dollars in cash to anyone buying a new car.

I guess there is some faint joke in all this aiming at the environment. However the highest reward is given to those obtaining some crap of a car that guzzles twice as much gas as my 30 year old car, which in turn has a 1960:s engine design. Yes, you heard it right.

There is so many ways for our authorities to spend their hard earned taxmoney. And this is what they come up with? Just imagine how far (literally) these $ 4.500 a pop would take us if we decided to invest them in some local transit systems, railways, and NEW technology of any kind. What in the hell is the purpose behind letting the public finance a private citizens purchase of a new car? Wake up America, and all others!

Like it wasn't enough with this, we are going to pump in billions of dollars into ailing car manufacturers, that just have failed in making products that connect with people. Some companies unable to do this must go. That is capitalism! It is not in the interest of anyone to keep these makers alive in this manner. As soon as GM or any others are gone, the remaining will stand a much better chance to survive, and increase their sales. There will still be cars, but hopefully more fuel efficient and modern vehicles. Cars that the consumer wants - without a subsidy!

To use socialism for halting the winnowing process of businesses is wrong. The society should stick with doing the things that a private enterprice is unable to make a profit from, or provide for a decent price. It also takes some political vision and courage to lead the way with long term and pricy investments. To impromptu bankroll yesterdays industry will only perpetuate old technologies and hamper the development. You know I'm right.

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