The hermit Kimdom will fall

North Korea like some other longlasting dictatorships, are in effect a modern (?) kingdom. Or shall we say Kim-dom. It started with Kim Il sung, and continued with his son Kim Jong Il. Now that the health of the present leader is vaning, the son Kim Jong Un is slated as successor of the throne.

I don't know much about the character of the son to the "great leader" of North Korea. But usually the third or even the second generation of upper class people may be just too spoiled and outlandish to succeed in overtaking the responsibilities of the daily chores that it takes even to run an autocratic nation.

Furthermore one may argue that this guy is either too young, or likely not determined enough for the mission. Hopefully it may even be that he realises the faults of the system, and will start change it himself. Kim Jong Un-do it as a matter of fact.

It could be that he does it volontarily, or eventually a spontanous hang mob will finish him, and the system. Let's give it five to ten years time. The end is nigh. Then it is South Korea that will get the bomb, as the nations will merge. Something they look forward to i estimate.

FOOTNOTE. What is different with a kingdom today? Why do I say it will fall?
Because people these days know there is something else. Like Mc Donalds.

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