How can idleness fix anything?

They say that we need to cut back. Maybe we need to lose our jobs. Shorten the working hours. Lower the salary. In short buy and do much less. But in fact everything will be left as before, just more idle.

As soon as we have done this for a while, the God of the market economy will be satisfied. Can anyone in the know explain the mechanics of this so called economic crisis? I believe this is just a recurring period of subtly steering things (politically) right again, everytime that the upper class decide that workers have got to much of the societal resources.

Sure it is convenient to have that communist ghost to cry wolf for time and again. Ordinary mortals have to step back. We can't have the full fruit of our labor. Only the well to do will have their share, and then some. As always.

No, I know what it is about. The usual stuff. The rich people and corporate world will fuck us up the ass all the way to our wallets. As always.

Bill Gates is not the most evil human around. But picture this. Do 51% of the American populace benefit from the fact that said guy is as rich as he is. Do the majority even think it is right. Is it even democratic, so to speak?

FOOTNOTE. Don't listen to the crap about recession. Try to live life to the full.

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