Swedish Women hates Swedish men

Thanks! That was a nice thing to say!

You know as a Swedish man you are just not used with getting compliments from women. They only lash out at us at any possible occasion. But if you just show a little amount of appreciation and affection, we may be kind back.

Bake a pie for you, eat your pussy, cook the dinner, fix your breakfast, wash and iron your clothes, do the dishes, and hold your hand while reading aloud every night.

There is a lot of things that a Swedish man can do that many others wouldn't. Still Swedish women hates us, call us animals and talibans, and thinks you are a scumbag, that is only after one thing - to marry them.

Swedish women don't look at you, they don't answer you. They hardly even want any children at all, just a dog that they can push around. A man at home is simply out of the question.


They don't want that. It only goes one way. They really wants to take over society, and cleanse it from all men. They crave the same salary, while they wish that their own men has a higher income, lest he will be considered a fake and a coward.

She may accept an alfa-males genes, but don't want him hanging around with the children. As soon as he has passed his genes, he will be out of her life. Then again, the moment he steppes out of the house he is called a good for nothing, that don't show any interest for the children. In fact Swedish women appear to think that a kitchen is not big enough for two grown-ups.

Now I'm gonna yerk of to my favourite porn, and dream that those women are friendly and likes me. Over and out.

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