That's capitalism!

All over the western hemisphere we will hear politicians and company heads alike, complain about pirated goods, fake products, bootleg DVD:s, illegal copies of software and so on. This is something that mostly occur in lesser developed and poorer nations in Asia.

Let me tell you: These people cannot afford to pay 50 Dollars (or Euro) for A Simpsons collectors box, or whatever it is they want. But I can hardly imagine that they would pass the opportunity to obtain the "real thing", if they could pay for it. They just can't pony up the hefty prices that distributors charge for these goodies in our rich countries.

On the other hand. Once another company (that is the pirates) can manufacture a product for a lesser price, and make this available for the public - they will get the business. The costumers will usually buy the lesser priced items. Welcome to reality, all Americans and other whiny regulators. That is capitalism!

A middle road could be to mimic the price policy of big tobacco. A pack of cigarettes in a rich country can be extremely expensive, while exactly the same product is dirt cheap in the third world. Otherwise they wouldn't get anything sold. Neither cigarettes, nor DVD:s are that expensive to make.

That's all folks!

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