Should gay adoption be permitted?

No matter what we think of the nuclear family (or its absense), we should bear in mind that many children today grow up with not even one (present) father. Just imagine having two of them. That should give any child some bragging rights in school.

I am mostly talking about men here. For lesbians it is a completely different ballgame. Just visit a bar, and give the eye to the average Joe. Presto, impregnated. Sorry, most would not like to do it this way, but they certainly could. If there is no other option. A man can't.

I know that you think a man, gay or otherwise is not good enough. But to imply this belies the essence of todays notions of equality between the sexes. It it also like saying that orphaned children are better of without any kind of loving parents. Let's give gays the opportunity to adopt. For the realisation of a full life for the prospective parents, and for all the hapless children aswell. There is a lot of them out there.

Do you have a problem with gays?

Finally. Why is there something called homophobians? Correct me if I am wrong. The more men being with each other, the more women will be left to me. OK, it's only theoretical. Women would probably never deviate from their high standars of expectations of men anyway, but at least I like to find comfort in thinking so.

Don't tell me it is not normal to be gay. Before alleging anything like that, we must hold up a mirror, and ask ourselfs if there is any kind of human activity that is normal, in the sense that other creatures are doing it. As humans we do have a choice. For us as a species it has been succesfull.

Additionally one may argue that the society as a whole will benefit from letting people lead a satisfying life they are content with. Anything designed to thwart it would be pure evilness.

NOTE. No I'm not gay, merely a passive supporter of the gay community.

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